The Power of Geographic Domain Names.
'Direct Search & Direct Navigation'

As the search industry continues to evolve, Geographic Domain Name are emerging as one of the most valuable class of assets in a rapidly changing internet landscape.
Recent sales of major city.com domains like Melbourne.com for $700,000.00 & Perth.com for $200,000.00 underscore just how valuable major urban geo domains have become.

In tandem with this, a new class of highly descriptive names called Real Estate Geo Domains have emerged. These names include powerful generic brands like NewYorkRealEstate.com and AtlantaRealEstate.com which have extremely high value because of their abilty to deliver targeted leads to real estate brokers & agents resulting in sales of multi-million dollar properties & significant commissions.

Sample High Profile Sales - Real Estate Geo Domains:

PasadenaRealEstate.com $44,187.
HiltonHeadRealEstate.com $50,000.
BahamasRealEstate.com $50,000.
BoiseRealEstate.com $50,000.
VegasRealEstate.com $53,611


The beauty and simplicity of this kind of Geo Targeted Search for consumers is that it allows the consumer to bypass the clutter of search engines and go directly to the most relevant source of information matching a query. In this case, geo-targeted portals filled with relevant information for any city or region in the world.

For advertisers, this new form of laser targeted search has grown in popularity over the last several years as more and more premium geo domain names are acquired and developed into content rich sites.
This is also why traditional media companies like newspapers are now acquiring their local city.com domains.
Just visit Boston.com or Miami.com to see examples of this trend.

Susquehanna research recently published data demonstrating that "Direct Navigation" (Direct Search) had a 4.2% conversion to sale rate, while search engine clicks averaged 2.3% conversion."

It is now estimated that over 67% of internet users worldwide arrived at web sites via Direct Search compared to 53% in 2002, (based on research from WebSideStory).

Even more significant, is the fact that approximately 15% of Yahoo's and Googe's total traffic is generated from domain type-in traffic (a fact that most advertisers fail to understand).


Today, with millions of dot com domains registered worldwide, geographic domain names are taking center stage as local search and advertising play a much greater role in the evolution of the internet.

New generation media companies will soon be able to offer advertisers access to any region in the U.S. or the world through unique GeoTargeted Ad Networks comprised of local city and country domain portals filled with rich content and information.

Hybrid Ad Networks targeting specific industries will evolve simultaneously, like the www.RealEstateDirectory.com , providing advertisers with powerful geo targeted global platforms.

The age of geo domains is finally here!

Rob Grant



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